IGo Asian Bible School

The Asian Bible School was a once in a lifetime opportunity, to sit side by side with fellow Asian believers in a Bible School class and learn the truths of God’s word together. The class I took was The Work of the Holy Spirit, by Raymond Burkholder. What a challenging and exciting class this turned out to be! I was so inspired by the illustrations in the Old Testament that pointed forward to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. The Story of Elisha and the widow in II Kings 4:1-7. The parallels to the Christian today are amazing: first the woman had a debt to pay that she could not pay. What is the debt that every Christian owes today? Romans 1:14-16, Paul says he is a debtor both to the Greeks and the Barbarians. We as Christians have a debt to the lost around us no matter where we are, and we must be unashamed of the Gospel of Christ (v.16), to be ready to share no matter the cost. How was the widow supposed to pay her debt? How are we supposed to pay our debt to the lost around us? Elisha tells the widow to go and get as many vessels as she can find and go to her house and begin to fill the pots with oil (symbolizing the Holy Spirit). The oil just kept coming until she asked for more pots but there were no more pots left to fill! What an amazing picture of the unfathomable abundance of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! How did she get this abundance of oil? She had to pour out the little she had before she could receive more. If we are going to keep the oil (Holy Spirit) for ourselves we can forget about blessing others, and we can also forget about having the fullness of God’s power working in our lives. Now she was to go sell the oil and pay back her debt. The infilling of the Holy Spirit is for the believer to pay his debt, through the emptying of himself and allowing God to fill his life with His Spirit!

This was just one of the many amazing parallels in the Old Testament about the Holy Spirit. This truly was a blessed time to fellowship with brothers in Christ from places like Egypt, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, and India, and to hear their passion and zeal for the work of the Lord. Their desire to be used of the Lord and also their faith in trusting God for providing and protecting them was just astounding. I was challenged in my walk with the Lord, to stop just talking so much about the Lord and get out there and speak of Him to a lost and dying world that desperately needs His Salvation! May we all be found faithful by running to the darkness with our candles held high and shining the light into a pitch black world!

We had all the students over to our house for a time of praise and worship one evening. This is the group of believers from Nepal singing a song in their language:

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