Growth in Christ I

Testimonial for Growth in Christ I taught by Martin Holsinger

Institute for Global Opportunities, First Term

This class has helped me develop a deeper understanding of the purpose of man and how we relate to God by His Spirit. One of the exciting things about God’s desire to have a relationship with us is that He will reveal himself to us as we seek Him with our whole heart. We serve a God who wants to relate and communicate with us! Just to see that when our hearts are in tune with Him, He communicates to our spirit and directs us in life’s decisions. Another thing I learned was the intimacy of God in creating man, He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul! This was God purposefully and carefully imparting the breath of life into man. We were created to know and be known by a Creator who cares for us in a way that no other person is able to care, and we as Christians, receive that care we then turn around and pass that care onto others. As we have been loved, so we love others. This is showing a small part of God to the lost around us. It was also good to understand more fully how when our spirit, soul, and body are in line with God and His will it is then that we can minister effectively and make an impact to those around us for our Lord.

I saw the impact that ‘having their eyes opened’ had on Adam and Eve. Their eyes were indeed opened and they knew good and evil, but they had stepped outside of God’s provision for them and therefore they proved that they did not trust God. Because of this, their hearts were darkened and they no longer had the intimate connection with God that they once had. We feel the after effects of this even today, for us to know God better and more intimately takes a serious effort and a battle with the flesh and sin that is always trying to distract us or tell us that this suffering we face is from a god that is not really good. This doubt that God really has our best interest in mind, and that He will provide everything we NEED in His timing is central to bringing sin into our lives. “When I am not convinced that God is good, I will quietly – but with tight-lipped resolve – take over responsibility for my own well-being” – Larry Crabb from Finding God. I learned that I need to wait on God and trust Him fully for my needs. When Eve thought and eventually believed that God may be keeping something from her, she fell, she didn’t really believe that God would care and provide for her like He had in the past.

I just want to deepen my faith in God and learn to be still and wait on His perfect timing rather than running ahead and doing things my own selfish way, which always leads to major problems and complications that we never expected. This class was exciting and I praise God for the things he showed and taught me through our instructor and His Word. May His Name be lifted high!


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