March of Birthdays

These two are growing up so fast! I feel like I have 2 big kids in the house right now, it makes for a lot of fun, keyed-up family times.

They both have birthdays in March about a week a part, so guess what we did? Celebrated birthdays! For what seemed like a very long time. Ellen’s is first, the very beginning of March. Hers was more low-key, I found these cute cupcakes at a local bakery and since she was turning two and there happened to be a set of them, I couldn’t resist picking them up to go with a half box of vanilla ice cream we had around here. Well. Bakeries in Chiang Mai aren’t quite like bakeries in Lancaster County, I’m finding out. Can you believe that the icing tasted like plain unsalted butter, and the cake was dry and crumbly. No one ate them, so into the trash they went. The card is from my dear Grandma.

After ice cream and no cake, she opened a few packages sent from home! This was a favorite, a yellow Polly Pocket car from her cousin Leah. Perfect gift for a tomboy, you can even fill the back up with water and push a button to make bubbles for an in-car spa.

A few favorites from her 2-year photo shoot:

Then Noah’s birthday was the middle of March. We woke him up by loudly singing “happy birthday!” with balloons in his bed and streamers taped across the doorway for him to run through:

That evening we took him to Tiger Kingdom, a place here in Chiang Mai where you can interact and play with real tigers. Noah was only allowed in the 0-3 months tiger enclosures, and only Matt was brave enough to get close to the big tigers. I like traditions. A new tradition (for us, anyway) is to take them on a birthday date with just mom and dad starting at age 4. They get to pick what to do and where. Noah had a hard time choosing between the Monkey Show and Tiger Kingdom. In the end, playing with tigers won out over feeding monkeys. So glad Ellen was not along. “Be quiet” and “no running” were part of the rules, and she would have had a hard time complying with such strict guidelines. 🙂

Yes, I was scared even with the baby tigers, and no, you would have never convinced me to do this:

And then for pizza and ice cream:

A few of his 4-year shoot:



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