Dhaka, Bangladesh (Part 2)

Had a great time in Bangladesh with these girls:

My children seriously had such a good time with Candace and Chayla. Someone new to play with, and new toys, from the time they got up until they fell into their beds exhausted at bedtime. We toured the city by rickshaw, it kind of felt like we were in a horse and buggy (or something like that), surrounded by crazy traffic. Candace smiling back at us:

I never saw so many colorful rickshaws in my life. Dhaka is known as the “Rickshaw Capital of the World”, according to Wikipedia. Approx. 400,000 cycle rickshaws running the streets of Dhaka every day.

Spices in tin boxes:

Hand and Cloth was definately a highlight of the trip for me. This place was amazing, I’ll tell you a little bit about their story. They make lovely kantha blankets from old sarees they buy from the poor. The women sewing them are women at-risk and survivors of trafficking. Hand and Cloth is offering these ladies dignified work and a way for them to support themselves and their children. Each blanket is hand sewn together by tiny rows of straight stiches. To respect these ladies, we didn’t take any pictures inside the building. It was beautiful to see these brave women putting effort into each blanket they were working on and talking and laughing together. Cindy and I were able to sort through 300 sarees and pair them together to be quilted by these dear ladies. This was so fun! We had stacks of vintage fabrics all around us, just waiting to be matched together.

I couldn’t help but pick out two fabrics for a blanket, so I would have something tangible to remember these women and their story of redemption:

Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP) is also helping women at-risk and their children.

We made lovely memories in Bangladesh. So grateful to God and this family:

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