Kathmandu, Nepal

Here are a few thoughts from my recent trip to Kathmandu, Nepal.
My goal for the week was to find a house for our family to stay while we spend our two month internship in Nepal. The Lord truly had His hand upon this trip, He provided a beautiful, sufficient house for our family! We are looking forward to this time in Nepal, especially knowing that our accommodations are taken care of. I went along with Raymond Burkholder, Merle and Judy Flory, Linford and Kay Bontrager, and 6 IGo students. I was also looking forward to spending time with the group and sitting in on the MTM conference. This trip truly was a blessing and the Nepali coordinator had specifically requested a conference focusing on the Anabaptist faith and practice. What an opportunity to speak into the Nepali culture in real and practical ways!

This is a Nepali man wearing a traditional hat called a Bhaad-gaaule topi.
Bhaktapur, where this picture was taken, is the oldest region in the city of Kathmandu.

In the Nepali culture, the women do much of the heavy manual labor.

View from our guest house

 Here Merle is talking about suffering love by telling the story of Dirk Willems.

The pastors were eager learners and soaked up the teaching. Here they are taking a picture of an illustration about the beauty of brotherhood and working together in harmony.

The cooks at the conference. Many thanks for all their hard work preparing the food for all of us!

The full conference on the last day.

Pastor Deepak and his wife, I had the great privilege to speak in his church on Sat., their worship day. We look forward to spending more time with them during our two month stay in Nepal this fall.

Pastor Raymond telling the children an impromptu story, along the street. Instant in season and out of season!

Here is the view from the home where we will be staying this fall.

I trust this is an encouragement to everyone who reads this. There are so many needs in Nepal. I had so many pastors, some as young as 22 or 23 just pleading with us to come to their village and preach the Word to their people. We would appreciate your prayers for our family as we live in Nepal this fall. That the Lord would watch over our time there and that we would be able to develop meaningful relationships for future work.

For Christ and the Nations,




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