July Snaps

I know we’re well into August, but only now did I download all these pics from the last month.

July 4th picnic at the Rhodes’ house:watermelon eating contest, complete with a puppy wearing a festive scarf:baby Emma: water balloon toss:Maan and Caden:Marian, the lady I worked for years ago painting slate, and her husband, Lester, were guest teachers last term. Enjoyed spending time with them, and Marian babysat the kids every morning so Matt and I could take a class together. They even brought a suitcase with them from family and friends, just for us! It was a blast going through all the goodies, thanks to all who participated. ūüôāFunny faces is the new thing:In our 1 year of living here, we have gotten more packages, suitcases packed full of goodies, and letters and boxes than I could ever count. We are so blessed, thank you all for your kindness.Went to Chiang Mai City Church one Sunday. Enjoyed the service, and afterwards they have a fellowship meal and make little bowls of sugary, artificially-flavored ice.¬†They shave¬†a block of ice using this green machine:Went to Lanna Resort for a short family vacation last weekend. We had a blast swimming, creeking, playing ball and Frisbee and soccer, and just enjoying family time together. It was so great! This little guy can now swim across the deep end of the pool:

 Eucharisteo-thanksgiving-always precedes the miracle. -Ann Voskamp


  1. Emily Fox says:

    so fun to see pics again! recognized the quote- I am reading that book right now!

  2. Your pictures are vivid! Love them! Blessings!

  3. The pics are so fun to look at! That quote from Ann is a good one. I have to think, what miracle am I missing because I haven’t given thanks. Looking forward to when we will be together for again!

  4. Wow! Looks like a fun and busy summer! Congratulations Noah on learning to swim!

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