the Least of These

A favorite clip of mine on the least of these in this world……

This breaks my heart every time I watch it. I am a dad and I have a 4 year old. A little guy who makes me laugh every day-he’s great. Just today at lunch I mentioned the hot dogs smell funny when they are grilling, “like Uncle Irvin Berkey’s pig barn”. Noah threw back his head and laughed and laughed. “Dad, you are so funny, you say the funniest words!” Yeah, I might son, but you’re pretty funny yourself–you always make me grin. Like the way you sing the feet-sy, weet-sy spider and make up a brand new tune to “Only a Boy named David”, basically retelling the story in your own words to a cool little tune I never heard before.
I love you buddy and I hope I can be the father to you that God is calling me to be. Almost 6 years ago, Heidi and I visited missionary friends in Liberia and they took us to several orphanages. We saw first hand the needs, the poverty, and all the homeless children the civil war had left in it’s wake. This video isn’t making it look bad, it really IS like this, with little people living defenseless on it’s streets.
An orphanage we visited where the children received good care:And sadly I walked away from that experience unchanged, unfeeling, unbroken by what I saw. I calmly slid back into my little world and forgot all about it…But God did not forget, and several years later he began knocking on my hearts door about the lost souls over in Asia. We have been on a journey that has had more ups and downs than I can count. More amazing highs and deep lows than I ever could have imagined. But through it all God led us to Nepal and showed us the desperate needs, and the cry of the children, cries for love, for protection, for someone to just care. A year ago, our family spent 10 days at an orphanage in Nepal. The hunger of these children for love and attention was heart breaking. Knowing that these children had suffered unspeakable pain and seen things that I, as a full grown adult, will probably never see. These tender little ones have been put through things that God has never intended for them, but because of this wretched, fallen world they have had to endure.   So now in 3 weeks from today, we’re going back. Our family will see once again the agonizing needs, those little eyes crying out for love.  I can’t rescue all the 4 year-olds in the US, Liberia, or Nepal. But I can spend myself on behalf of the needy, hungry, and oppressed and I can make a difference in the life of a handful of these little ones. I can love my son, teach him about Jesus, and as an American citizen I still have enough resources to care for some of the fatherless in this world. And by doing so, I hope to teach my son what it’s like to spend yourself for the Kingdom and the least of these. I’m not sure I have what it takes. On my own, I know I don’t, but His strength is made perfect in my weakness. All Glory goes to Him!

The children can’t wait to see Candy….. a helper at one of the homes in Nepal. Her cheerful smile and attitude is so contagious!

And if you will spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday. -Isaiah 58:10 NIV


  1. heartbreaking. great, challenging post. prayers as you spend yourself for the cause of Christ!

  2. Hi, Matt. Facebook linked me to this today. It’s hard for me to imagine the purposeful high school student I had is now a daddy and on the mission field with other good friends of ours! It’s not a path I envisioned you taking, but I’m inspired beyond words that you’ve plunged into working with “the least of these,” into living out the pure religion James describes. I bless your vision and your service!

    p.s. – Tell Heidi “hi” for me!

  3. very well written! makes me miss Liberia.

  4. Wow what an inspiring testamony! May your time in Asia be blessed! Heidi

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