Road Trip

We took a road trip this last weekend (aka, border run). Our very last one here in Thailand! Or at least for the foreseeable future. ūüôā We passed the time driving through the mountains listening to the Pineapple Stories and Cedarmont Kids sing-a-long CD’s. Also an inspiring¬†podcast by Francis Chan. I was so challenged again to let go and let God, and not hold onto everything (my comfort, husband, kids, future) so tightly.

2 weeks ago, on our last border run, it was The Caboose¬†Who Got Loose by Bill Peet that kept the children from getting bored and pesky. A friend had sent them the book and CD, amazing how they could listen to that one story and page through the same book over and over. Such a nice gift. A huge thing to look forward to after all those hours of driving and getting our passports stamped in Myanmar is the hotel pool. The plan was to get¬†to our hotel¬†early in the evening with a few hours left for swimming. This guy is such a fish and a strong swimmer too. Ellen hung out in the kiddie pool. After only 15 min. of swimming it started to rain. So we¬†played in the rain….and tasted the raindrops…When it started to thunder we grabbed our towels and ran back to our room, and that was the end of our swimming for this trip. By then it was suppertime, so we headed to Pizza Company and then to an indoor playground at the mall to run off the rest of our energy. It rained most of the evening and all night, making everything look like a tropical rain forest in the morning…..All the rooms were separate little bungalows along a lovely overgrown path. All packed up and ready to go back home….I will miss you, jungle, when we go…..But today, I choose to trust God and the future He has planned for us, a more amazing beautiful story than I could ever¬†pen if I was the one writing it. Today, I will rest, and let all the big things up to God, knowing He really is the only One that can handle them anyway.



  1. Amen! God is the only one who can handle it! Beautiful photos of beautiful children.

  2. How true! And something I so need to work on too. Once again, I loved seeing pictures and hearing about your lives- I get excited when I see you posted something! Bridget loves to look at them too!

  3. So well said! Thank you, Heidi, for this post. Thank you for being REAL! Surrender is a beautiful thing! I am also learning to embrace God’s call for my life, and I will pray that you can too.
    Those are handy suitcases for the children, aren’t they? Brexton wants goggles like Noah!

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