the Bridge

We crossed this swaying contraption today:I understand now why they call it a suspense-ion bridge. I looked at Matt and said “I guess this is what it means to ‘walk by faith'”. He grinned back at me and laughed, he just loves this stuff way too much. We crossed the river and then a field before reaching the house on the other side. Noah (who is normally petrified of heights) seemed undeterred at the cracks in the floor or the swaying motion. He walked nonchalantly all by himself. These school kids however ran and bounced across like it was just another day, another bridge. To them, I guess it was. For me, a brand new experience.This dear old lady wanted to hold Ellen and just beamed at her. Ellen was a little shy but let herself be exclaimed over nonetheless. I have a feeling that these experiences are just priceless for my children. 🙂

Sing praises to the Lord, enthroned in Zion; proclaim among the nations what He has done. Psalm 9:11

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