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A day trip to Bhaktapur. Making new friends. Bamboo swings during festival. Hosting Guests. Time spent with my sister and open-air market shopping. Serving Chinese food to hungry IGo students (all credit goes to Prabin). This is a brief summary of our last few weeks. Fast-paced, yet really fun. Now that the house is empty again, and the dust is settling down (no, actually, the dust won’t settle until monsoon season) it’s time to reflect on the good memories and roll out a picture post.

Two weeks ago we visited Bhaktapur, an old section of town. It felt like we were stepping back into the 1500’s, the medieval era, and we were like peasants roaming the narrow cobblestone streets on our way to church, meeting one friend sorting eggs, another carrying water, one hanging out damp vintage blankets, and another drying rice. And most sweeping their doorsteps with stick brooms. At church, fellowship with good friends. Sweet little boy in traditional cap and Nepali dress. After church, we were so privileged to eat lunch in one of the believer’s homes. A very narrow 4-story home built of clay, wood, and brick with one room on each level. The steps were no less than hazardous. Our cute hostess in her medieval kitchen. Oh wait, they didn’t have gas cook-tops back then?Smiling at us from her third-story kitchen. The first pic has a community well for drawing water, never mind the motorbike, they didn’t exist either in the 1500’s. 🙂Play date with other missionary kids that live close by. I never before knew about the wonderful world of water bead play:The biggest Hindu festival was last weekend, and all over the city they set up these huge bamboo swings for the kids. When we see one, we pull over and let the children swing a little, since there is not really an abundance of parks or swing sets around these parts. 🙂 They love it:Miss Mis-match:Waiting his turn. That’s our pocket-sized car that we’re renting for these 2 months. Next weekend we are driving the 8-10 hours to Pokhara, are we crazy? It’s the best time of year to see the Annapurna’s clearly with no cloud barrier, and Noah wants to boat on the lake. We aren’t taking a guide, and Matt is going to be the driver (on the dangerous Prithvi Highway, no less). Actually, it’s supposed to be a good, safe road for Nepal (that’s not saying much) so here’s hoping we live to tell about it. Last weekend we hosted Val and Barb Yoder and Raymond and Naomi Burkholder for the MTM conference they were doing here in Kathmandu. We had a great time with them, dreaming and planning about future work here with the orphanages. The week flew by and I was wishing we could have fit a few more things into our schedule. Our house, etc. here just feels so temporary to me, when we feel really settled in, they’ll have to visit again. 🙂 David Brown also flew in from India and stayed at our house, we so appreciated his advice on how he is doing his orphanage program in India. A student team from IGo was staying nearby at an orphanage. We had them over to our place one evening for Chinese food. Was fun to catch up again. My sister was on that team, so it was great fun spending time with her and taking her to a local market the next day. It was absolutely crazy, so no pics, but we had fun digging through bins of Asian-printed scarves. She even found a green Prada purse for $5. We debated buying it because the metal Prada symbol was a tad crooked. After further inspection, we realized it could be wiggled and straightened. It appeared to be hot glued on. Also saw the same bag on another shelf, completely different brand. You can buy an iPhone here for $25. No wonder, whenever I buy something here, even if it’s Heinz ketchup, I always wonder if it’s the real thing. Precious children of Nepal. Jesus loves them. It’s why we’re here.


  1. Emily Fox says:

    Once again- loved the post and hearing about your lives! I love seeing pics of Ellen and recognizing the clothes. 🙂

  2. Such beautiful pictures. Those children…..its makes me want to bring one home with me! Praying for you.

  3. The pictures say a lot. I want to go there myself, if only I could buy myself some time-off of my busy schedule. Keep the beautiful posts coming 🙂

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