Here in Pokhara

We’ve reached Pokhara this afternoon around 1 PM, after a rather uneventful 7 hour journey. We started out bright and early at 6 AM, thinking it would be at least 10 hours on the road, hoping to reach by 4 this afternoon. Right outside of Kathmandu the road was rough, the turns sharp, and the drop-off steep. I felt nervous and uptight, unsure if I could handle 10 straight hours of this. The road smoothed out after 30 min. or so, and soon we were following the winding river bed, relaxed and feeling adventurous. It was so good to leave the big city behind and see green again, and fresh blue glacier water, not filled with rubbish. It was a beautiful drive, a low mist was hanging in the gorge.

At a rest stop, breathing in fresh air. I’m starting to feel alive again.This is the dangerous Prithvi Highway. Looks harmless doesn’t it? Wasn’t near as bad as I had imagined.

I was looking, straining to see any glimpse of the great Annapurna’s as we were nearing Pokhara, with absolutely no luck.

We got to our hotel, hopped out of the car, and wondered “where are these amazing mountains”?
They are seriously supposed to be right here.
Turns out it is a cloudy day, clear skies forecasted soon. I’m skeptical.

Since we got here much earlier than expected, we decided to walk down along the lake, in the direction of the rowboat dock. Soon we were out rowing over the mist-covered lake, soaking in the total quiet and almost in shock how peaceful it was compared to the chaos that is so Kathmandu. We hadn’t realized how we had gotten used to it, how it does wear you down after awhile. Kinda like “i’m wringing my hands, because I don’t know what to do with them” moment. Felt so good to just stop. Unwind. Watch the para-gliders sail effortlessly on the lake breezes and twirl around the mountain. Hear the water bumping against the boat. Laugh with the children.

Floatation devices provided for children, funny indeed.

After our lovely time out on the water, we headed to Olive Cafe, recommended to us by friends in the city. It was rumored to have great hamburgers, a rare find here. Why? Hindus do no eat beef. They eat buffalo, which is not nearly as good as it sounds.

It was amazing. We might go there every night for dinner until we leave. So far, sans gorgeous mountains, this trip has the makings of a happy family vacation. I’m praising God, believe me. And holding out hope that He unveils the majestic mountains He created.


  1. Brian Shirk says:

    Wow! God bless you all! I love Pokhara! I hope to that you see the mountains!!!!!!!

  2. How fun! Glad you are enjoying yourself!

  3. Sheri Martin says:

    Looks like a neat place to vacation! Love your pictures……just looks like you pushed back the clock 200 years. I am enjoying reading about your adventures. Noah and little Elle look so cute – matching or not:) Have fun eating burgers!
    ~Sheri and Tom

  4. Kayla Beachy says:

    Loved the picture of Noah and Ellen. We miss you guys much. Enjoy your time! Can’t wait to catch up with you all.. God Bless

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