Memories of a Happy Trip

We’ve been home from Pokhara a whole week now, so it’s time I get some photos up here on the blog of those white-capped mountains. It really was all that people have said it would be: the mountains are so close you can almost touch them. OK, not quite, but it really is something to see, and like usual, photos just don’t do it justice. We headed up to the world-famous lookout, Sarangkot, one morning to catch a glimpse of the Himalaya. Unfortunately, we had bailed out of bed at 5 AM only to see this gorgeous sunrise, the mountains were still shrouded in fog:

Sarangkot is located high on a ridge, with a view of two valleys. The south side overlooks the sleepy, lakeside town of Pokhara, and the north side provides a great view of the Annapurna mountain range.

Not wanting to give up too quickly, we set our alarm for 5 AM the next day, and this time the morning dawned bright and clear. It was like a painting, the sun glinting off those white mountains, not yet shining on the valley floor.

Unclimbed Macchapucchre (or Fishtail) Mt.

Driving down off the ridge, we decided to turn north to get a view of the mountains from the valley floor. This flock of sheep came barreling right past our little car.

This glacial water. I love it. So clean, and so blue.

It was still early morning, when we got down off the mountain and headed back into town with 2 starving kiddos that were still in their pajamas. We went to the same place for breakfast every morning, a little joint called Mike’s that was located right on the water. Yummy breakfast burritos and coffee, and a view of these colorful boats.

A local lady rowing back to her village on the other side of the lake.

Another really fun place was Powerhouse, a short ride outside of town. The place was practically deserted, except for a few Nepali kids splashing around in the frigid water. It was down a steep gorge, we parked at the top and then hiked straight down 500 ft. It was quite a workout, maybe that explained why it wasn’t a real tourist spot. I couldn’t get enough of this clear blue water.

Of course they had to try the rickety swinging bridge. I made it almost half way across and then remembered I came to Pokhara to relax.
This didn’t fit the bill.

There were little waterfalls here and there running down off the hills. It looks tropical, like you could jump right in, but it was COLD.
Maybe next summer.

Throwing rocks. What else can you do when it’s too cold to swim?

Little grassy hills that were fun to clown around on.
Future mountain climbers:

Just chilling on the hotel swing. Life is sweet.

Another one of the fun boat rides out on the lake. This time a paddle boat with an old floral sheet strung across the top to provide some shade.

I’ve got more blessings in my life right now then I could ever count. 🙂


  1. So, so beautiful!! Especially love the pure joy on the children’s faces in the last photo. Don’t you like how off-handedly you can post about a family vacation in… Nepal? I mean, think about it. 🙂

  2. Beautiful ! Love your updates, thanks for sharing!

  3. So ready to see you all again. Your vacation spot looks beautiful. Glad you were able to take some time for relaxation and family. I told Bri today that you are moving into the “blue house” for a few months. She jumped up and down and said, “Then we can go see them!”

  4. So, so good to hear and see your lives! What a lovely vacation and your kiddos have grown and I just want to hug them! Thanks for the grand tour and God bless you and bring you back safely, soon:)

  5. The countryside is STUNNING!!! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, too.

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