Giveaway: Nepali Handicraft

In anticipation of leaving for the United States this weekend, our family has decided to do something fun. A giveaway!

We are back in Chiang Mai a little over a week now, and it feels amazing to be able to spend time with all the IGo students and staff again. Our internship in Nepal was a great experience, and God showed Himself in powerful ways to be our Jehovah Jireh, One Who knows our need because He sees.

Nepal is a poverty-stricken country, with rich landscape, and beautiful handicrafts. We have loved our time there. It definitely wasn’t without some pain and trials mixed into a lot of joyful moments, but we can still say it was a good, growing experience. We are coming away blessed. Challenged too. Maybe wiser? Not sure about that, but in some ways we feel older, more cautious. So just in case the sporadic posts have made the last two months look like a dreamy, wild adventure, I’m going to admit otherwise. There were hard things too. But we aren’t going to focus on those moments, but instead focus on what God has done, the miracles He has done and is still doing on our behalf.

We couldn’t have done it without the prayers and love and support from all of you. This is one of the ways we want to say thank you, and the purchase of handicraft items goes directly to support the Nepalese people and the hard work they have put into developing these skills.

The giveaway includes:

  • Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal by Conor Grennan
  • Wool shawl
  • Child-size felt purse
  • Striped round pillow case
  • Green felt ball hot mat
  • Black and white hounds-tooth scarf
  • Set of 4 multi-colored felt ball coasters
  • 100% Nepali Highland Top of the World Coffee
  • Origami: Art of Paper Folding (book also includes pack of origami paper)

A little note on the products: The book was recommended to us by a friend. I was so delighted to find it at a bookstore in Pokhara. It was a great book and explained the culture and orphan/displaced children crisis in Nepal very well. The felt stores were really neat, Nepal is exporting so many of their felt ball products to Europe and the United States. And the coffee from Top of the World is really something special, a favorite of most tourists. And this time of year with the chilly weather, almost everyone in Nepal is wearing a shawl or scarf, they had so many pretty ones in the markets .

TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell us your favorite holiday tradition. (Ours is out for breakfast as a family on Christmas Eve day, setting up the nativity and reading the Christmas story together, and watching the children open up their presents.) 🙂
DOUBLE ENTRY: If you link to fb, you can leave another comment on this post.
GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Friday, Dec. 14 at 5pm EST
SHIPS: Worldwide
WINNER ANNOUNCED: One winner will be selected using and announced Friday evening.


  1. Look at those felt balls! Adorable. I feel like we are still getting traditions set in place. Decorating cookies is one. We often go to the cabin, presents, new pajamas for Christmas eve, etc. Hoping to see you while you are back!

  2. the girls decorate a gingerbread house on Christmas eve. my husband makes wreaths and fresh greenery arrangements. always read the Christmas story together before opening presents.

  3. We do not have many traditions….we used to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve, till our VHS player quit and we never got it on DVD. We do read the Christmas story on Christmas Day, too. It’s hard to have traditions when you are home some years and with family in other states other years! 😛
    I really want to make some new traditions that include giving more to others. If we wouldn’t be gone for Christmas this year we would serve at the Rescue Mission again. That is so rewarding!!

  4. Posted on FB! 🙂
    I love the felt ball coasters and hot pad!! Also the Houndstooth scarf and of course…..COFFEE!! 🙂
    Will you just be coming home to visit over the Holidays?

  5. Supper with all the little special things Christmas Eve (or the day before the big day… sometimes its not Christmas) then waking up, reading the Christmas story with the family, opening gifts and brunch.

  6. Link posted on FB:) God bless, as you visit friends and family in the States! Praying that things go well as you travel, that you make great memories, and are encouraged to press on!

  7. I love making a gingerbread house, going to a Christmas concert (especially one with violins!), singing carols and being with my family.

  8. I linked to Facebook too!

  9. Being far away from my family, I love spending Christmas with my church family. A relaxing day enjoying fellowship and of course, food.

  10. We also read the Christmas story when our whole family is together and we have a food favorite which is oyster stew and a long tradition of puffed rice cake/black walnuts, my Mother made every Christmas.
    It is so very good to see you and your family again and it sounds like Nepal is very much in your heart! God bess and this is a great project to aware us of Nepal and its culture.

  11. i loooove those felt balls! and coffee, of course. traditons, ummm…hanging out with family, eating by candlelight, opening gifts, picking “gifts for Jesus” from the CAM gifts catalog, and starting this year: making/decorating a birthday cake for Jesus.

  12. linked on FB…i’m desperate to win this!

  13. Laura Martin says:

    Our church does a Journey to Bethlehem guided tour for the community. And we as a family like to invite in a family with young children each year to make sugar cookies with them.

  14. Laura Martin says:

    I linked to facebook. Thanks!! Would love to win this for my friend and her daughter (the daughter was adopted from Nepal 2 years ago this month!)

  15. Umm….not sure…. making and taking something to the neighbors, new pj’s, packing school kits for Haiti instead of presents (from the one grandma), seafood on Christmas Eve.

  16. So looking forward to seeing you guys!! Have to say I love going Christmas caroling with church family and spreading Christs love.Spending time with the loved ones is tops.
    You didnt possibly hint to Landon that his mom and sisters would love all those goodies:)

  17. Love it ALL! I still feel like we are trying to get some traditions established, but setting up our Nativity set, making cookies, picking something out of the CAM catalog to give to someone, sleeping all together on the living room floor Christmas Eve, reading the Christmas story, and watching The Nativity.

  18. Very nice giveaway. I would love to win it. Our family is only starting to have Christmas traditions. We have a Christmas countdown with wrapped Christmas books, and picking out gifts to give through CAM’s Gifts and Projects Catalog. The girls also love getting out the manger scene and decorating Christmas cookies.

  19. Linked on facebook (I think)! Maybe this is one I can win!

  20. I shared it on fb. Any other ways to increase my chance to win? =)

  21. I am totally loving everything about this giveaway! now as far as traditions we use to do the beach in Grenada but now that we are back in the states kind of hard to do. one we have is new pjs, decorating gingerbread houses is on our list this year and reading the Christmas story together and singing. Feel like we are just really getting them established.

  22. We don’t really have any family traditions yet. It is so exciting to see my 4 year old get into Christmas and what it is really about. I’m trying this year to do things that help my kids realize that Christmas is more than just giving gifts.

  23. one of our traditions is – a family sleepover in the living room the night we open our gifts.

    can’t wait to see you guys when you get back here and hear all your stories! Praying for you!!

  24. linked on fb

  25. jen lehman says:

    we buy new pajamas for our kids and they open them on Christmas Eve and we sleep by the Christmas tree..great memories for all! What beautiful items from Nepal. We adopted our daughter two years ago from Nepal and we absolutely LOVE the country and the people there! Top of the world coffee is amazing…I actually stayed with the family that owns the business when I was there 🙂

  26. We don’t have any family traditions yet… still working at that. But probably what we enjoy the most is being together as a family and enjoy the excitement of it all.

  27. jen lehman says:

    Linked on fb! Each year we give our daughter a small gift from Nepal on her adoption day and she treasures those things! Always looking for unique things….I especially love the felt ball coasters!

  28. cute stuff! We like going to a live Nativity, baking cookies, and just enjoy getting together with family.
    God bless your family !

  29. shared it on fb

  30. As for traditions…still working at that, but my family always has shrimp when we get together. Those gifts look so fun!

  31. Jodi Martin says:

    Love this giveaway. We haven’t set up many traditions yet. But we do enjoy setting up the nativity set, making cookies, give a plate of cookies to our neighbors, and spending time with family.

  32. Jodi Martin says:

    Linked on fb.

  33. Linked to FB

  34. We usually spend Christmas eve delivering homemade goodies to our neighbors and then Christmas day reading the Christmas story and being with family!

    Praying for you an your family as you prepare to come to the States for a visit. I hope you have a wonderful time!!

  35. We have a hard time with traditions because were are more spontaneous than routine oriented. 🙂 Maybe our tradition is trying some new Christmas-y thing each year. 🙂 It often involves something fairly traditional, though…caroling, sipping hot chocolate while out looking at lights, listening to Christmas music while decorating cookies…

  36. Linked on facebook.

  37. Kristen L. says:

    love the giveaway items! spending all day with family is the best tradition on Christmas!

  38. Linked to FB! Safe travels and hoping we get to see you some time!

  39. angie stover says:

    Traditions..hmm just being with family if possible over the holidays is always wonderful!

  40. Amanda Johns says:

    Such a beautiful giveaway! We like to get our tree the day after thanksgiving & listen to Christmas music while we put it up & decorate it. Christmas morning we make a big breakfast and then watch the children open presents 🙂

  41. Amanda Johns says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  42. Sleepover on Christmas Eve with my family, gift exchange, new pjs from nana for the sleepover

  43. Priscilla Caliz says:

    Christmas. It’s such a beautiful season! My favorite thing about Christmas is family time!!! Of course decorating the tree and listening to Christmas music is a must as well. 🙂

  44. Favorite Christmas tradition? I feel clastrophobic if I have to be locked into a hard and fast tradition. But we do have some random, flexible things we like to do. Going to Rittenhouse park sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas is probably the only thing that we really try to make happen every year, other then gathering with family of course. Then there’s the cheesy light show at the Wannamaker Building that we just find ourselves going to every year (we really go for the organ afterwards).

    The givaway items are lovely, BTW.

  45. Facebooked.

  46. We like to make cookies and give them to our neighbors. Christmas Eve my family gets together and Dad grills steak and pork chops on the grill. Then watch all the nieces and nephews open their gifts. Its a joyous time.

  47. Thanks for the lovely giveaway! My sisters exchange names, Christmas Eve is spent at my parents, and supper includes shrimp, soup and a hot sandwich which we all love. Best wishes to you as you travel!

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  49. Gena Martin says:

    What a great giveaway! We don’t have many traditions but we do something specail Christmas eve.

  50. Gena Martin says:

    Shared on fb!

  51. Neat giveaway!Our children are all married but I remember opening gifts Christmas morning in our pjs.

  52. shared on FB!

  53. Never commented before, but have loved keeping up to date on your work there! The Faus family have been doing soup and salad for our evening meal. Delicious and simple after having so much heavy foods.

  54. We bake cookies and give them away to our neighbors. We usually go out for supper, read the Christmas story and open our gifts. On Christmas Day we usually go to Grandma’s house!

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