A Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? It’s been so long since I visited here, I have no idea where to start. It’s not been a slow, cozy winter, but one of trying to fit everything in before moving to Nepal. I’m finding out there is probably always more to do than is possible on a furlough. It’s been so good reconnecting with family and friends again, even if the schedule is a little crazy. I’ll just start right in where we left off, these old pictures bring back good memories. 🙂

December in Chiang Mai is gorgeous.IMG_7402 copySaying good-bye is never easy.IMG_7451 copyIMG_7433 copyNo clue what the hand motions are about. “We’re gonna fly soon”, maybe?IMG_7453 copyFrom Chiang Mai to Lititz, PA just in time for Christmas. IMG_7631 copyBack in Grandma’s house with cousins again! IMG_7547Anticipation. IMG_7554Cabin with friends for New Years, sledding with AJ. IMG_7634 copyWhat is snow, anyway? IMG_7607 copy IMG_7646He’s precise, it has got to be right.IMG_7942 copyNervous as little sister takes a turn. IMG_7925 copyThe finished product. Pics for Nana. IMG_7947 copyThe PA Farm Show. Almost 30. IMG_7980 copyThese corn bins were such a hit. IMG_8035 copyFound an Asian friend. He is from China. IMG_8001 copyShe will not smile. She makes me smile. 🙂IMG_7990 copyThe big 30! IMG_8048 copyA happy day, the cute couple. It’s fun having Matt’s little brother Trent married. I practically grew up with Kate, our families were close friends when we were little.IMG_8074 copyLittle program attendants. IMG_8101 copyThe cake. IMG_8122 copyDessert buffet.IMG_8217 copyAll the Musser cousins. IMG_8167 copyWith her aunts.IMG_8144 copyIn Florida visiting my family. IMG_8622 copy Meeting friend Bridget at the ice cream shop.IMG_8339 copyNoah will let you pitch to him all day long if you’re up for it. Aunt Harmony took a turn pitching and one time the ball smacked Noah in the side. He remarked, “Aunt Harmony, you’re not very good at this, you really need to learn how to pitch!”IMG_9155 copyA Valentine’s getaway just the two of us.IMG_8585 copyEllen is almost 3. A little firecracker she is.Headed to the cabin this weekend with Matt’s family to squeeze in some more family time with them before we leave for Nepal in a little over a week. Planning to celebrate her birthday there and cousin Blake who is turning 2.IMG_8794Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Your pictures are full of light and beauty. We wish you and your precious children all the best as you go to Nepal.

  2. Your beautiful pictures and sweet words brought a smile to my day. I enjoyed catching up on your blog. I think I recognize Kate from a wedding I photographed in South Georgia.

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