A Day for Dad

 Life is looking so much brighter……the first trimester is well behind me, and I feel like I can focus on the task of learning to live and serve in a foreign country. The last few weeks have felt like survival mode, and it finally feels like we’re on the other side of all that now. We couldn’t be more thankful, and I’m finding that I enjoy the challenge of learning to understand a new culture and people group.

This is Ellen first thing in the morning…….every morning. Her cheeriness can be a little much at 6:15 AM.IMG_9822 copyWe hiked to the top of a mountain today. There are so many day hikes and treks around the valley rim that you can do here, without driving too far from city centre. Matt has been wanting to hike to a lookout on a ridge behind our house, but we weren’t finding the time and I was a little nervous of the road condition to where we could park our car and start out into the forest. Also it’s monsoon season, and leeches can be a real problem. Trekking guides will tell you to take lots of salt (sprinkle some on the leech and they fall right off) and to protect your feet and legs as best you can. I was the only one that was worried about the possibility of leeches, thankfully we had no problems.IMG_9913 copyThe views along the switchback trails were amazing. Sadly, there are also so many Buddhist stupas tucked into the mountainside. IMG_9929 copyNearing the summit where we ate lunch at a small hotel overlooking the Kathmandu Valley. It was flat here, and this woman was herding her goats back down the trail. IMG_9935 copy IMG_9939 copySo today Matt got to do his first real hike in Nepal. It was a breath of fresh air for all of us, and awesome to get away from the city for a few hours. The challenges I’ve watched him face and overcome these last few weeks have strengthened my faith and encouraged me to continue pressing into what God has for us here in Nepal. Not one to get overwhelmed too quickly, he would even admit that right now he has too many “irons in the fire”. Yet he still makes time to run with Noah as he rides his bike in our neighborhood, even when there is a schedule to keep, and I can already see the exhaustion in his face. Our kids are so energetic right now, and this hike only made them tired enough to take a short nap. Then it was on to building Hot Wheels tracks all over the living room floor, and the noise and racing that goes with that.
Does Ellen need a sister or what?

It was a good day, and we can say we have conquered our first mountain. Yay!IMG_9955 copyHappy Father’s Day to my very best friend, you are one AWESOME dad! Our kids are so blessed.


  1. Emily Fox says:

    So fun to see this! We are praying for you every day and every time before Bridget goes to sleep she “hopes she dreams about Noah and Ellen, because she misses them”. She often wonders “when they are ever going to come home”. We know you are where God wants you, but we do really miss you, too! 🙂

    • We met another expat family in town the other week, and they had a little girl that is going to be in Noah’s class at school. She reminded me alot of Bridget, and Noah was so glad to meet someone that will be in his class and who is “like my friend back home”.

  2. Marlisa says:

    Your children do have a good father! One of the very best! Take care of yourself!

  3. Hi Heidi! been thinking of you a lot today. we heard your dad-in-law preach at New Haven yesterday and it made me just really want to see you again. Hope you and yours are doing fine!

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