School Boy

Noah started kindergarten this week at Kathmandu International Study Centre. KISC is the only international Christian school here in the city, so we feel incredibly blessed to be a part of this community. We had a few nervous jitters in the morning, but he came home all smiles and ready to go back the next morning. We have homework to do each night, after school clubs to choose and sign up for, and an English library that we have access to each day. He chose the football team (American soccer) for his club and that starts next week. I was thinking, does that mean uniforms? And game schedules? After seeing my excited look, Matt said “oh no, soccer MOM!”…………

we’ll have to see about that.

it’s so fun watching little boys grow up, I couldn’t be more proud of my gentle, generous son.IMG_0495 copySomehow I doubt I’m the only mom in the world that felt just a little sad to send him out on his own so soon.IMG_0463 copyThis pic isn’t great but it makes me smile anyway, because it so describes how our morning was going. Everyone was up early, I was trying to get photos of all the little details, Noah was just ready to get to school, and Ellen was clutching her notebooks and standing on her tiptoes, all desperate attempts to convince us she was big enough to go to school too.

And Matt was in the background saying we have to be going or risk being late. (we weren’t late then, but you never know how traffic will be)IMG_0516 copyThe crazy traffic we wrestle on a daily basis.IMG_0525 copyEven the Nepali guard man at the KISC gate thinks kindergarteners are cute. 🙂IMG_0530Nervous excitement on the big day. IMG_0536 IMG_0569 copy3:00 PM-School’s out! IMG_0576 copyFunny to think he will be in the “Class of 2026”. I’m proud of who he is now, and can’t wait to see where all God takes him in the next 13 years. IMG_0368 copy

Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure–pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.  -Luke 6:38

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