Third one’s a charm(er)…

IMG_3135Thaddeus- 3 months

He has every one of us smitten…those dark puppy eyes and little grin, they get us every time. So much charm in one tiny person. Everyone keeps asking if Thad looks like Noah and Ellen, I’m never sure how to answer, he does look a lot like they did at this age, but something is different about his eyes maybe? He definitely fits in our family, and he’s cute, so we’ll claim him.

Ellen-3 monthsIMG_4073Noah-3 monthsIMG_2590Like they say in Thailand…”Same, Same but Different.”

They do look alike, but they are each unique, one-of-a-kind, designed to bring their Maker glory. I love to watch their individual personalities shine through, encourage gifts and strengths, work on those weaknesses, dream together and shoot for the stars. IMG_2896 copyFirst time trying cloth diapers. So far we’re having fun, ask me again in a couple months. A friend in Thailand recommended SunBaby diapers, a good quality diaper for 1/3 the cost of other name brand diapers. For the price, I thought it was worth a try.IMG_3072 copyThe designs are so adorable, I love this black and white bird one.IMG_2870 copyKindergarten ArtIMG_3059This is normal around our house: oil pastels, paintbrushes, and markers. Everywhere.
I buy paper in bulk.IMG_3070 copyMulti-tasking.
This girl never plays doll, but she smothers loves her baby brother.IMG_2767 copy IMG_2787 copyReal life: almost sleeping baby and a big pile of laundry to fold.IMG_2694 copyA fun date night at Starbucks. Best winter date ever? An evening at Barnes and Noble.IMG_2731

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