Winner! Nepali handicraft

We have a winner of the Nepali handicraft giveaway. Congrats, Cindy! she said, "one of our traditions is - a family sleepover in the living room the night we open our gifts." I loved reading … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Nepali Handicraft

In anticipation of leaving for the United States this weekend, our family has decided to do something fun. A giveaway! We are back in Chiang Mai a little over a week now, and it feels amazing to be … [Read more...]

Memories of a Happy Trip

We've been home from Pokhara a whole week now, so it's time I get some photos up here on the blog of those white-capped mountains. It really was all that people have said it would be: the mountains … [Read more...]

Here in Pokhara

We've reached Pokhara this afternoon around 1 PM, after a rather uneventful 7 hour journey. We started out bright and early at 6 AM, thinking it would be at least 10 hours on the road, hoping to reach … [Read more...]

Picture Post

A day trip to Bhaktapur. Making new friends. Bamboo swings during festival. Hosting Guests. Time spent with my sister and open-air market shopping. Serving Chinese food to hungry IGo students (all … [Read more...]

How will they Hear

Some days the Going gets tough. I am following "31 days of Going" over on this blog. As most of you probably know, this subject really interests me (it hasn't always been this way), but nowadays it's … [Read more...]

the Bridge

We crossed this swaying contraption today:I understand now why they call it a suspense-ion bridge. I looked at Matt and said "I guess this is what it means to 'walk by faith'". He grinned back at me … [Read more...]

Choosing Here: Nepal

We've been here all of 2 weeks now, and it's getting easier with each passing day. I can't really put into words how I felt descending into Kathmandu, seeing all the little cracker-box houses of all … [Read more...]

Road Trip

We took a road trip this last weekend (aka, border run). Our very last one here in Thailand! Or at least for the foreseeable future. :) We passed the time driving through the mountains listening to … [Read more...]

A Year of Good Gifts

We've been living in Asia one year already, so very hard to believe! It's been a fast, FULL year, one I'm so thankful for but don't care to repeat any time soon. We've traveled an awful … [Read more...]