Third one’s a charm(er)…

Thaddeus- 3 months He has every one of us smitten...those dark puppy eyes and little grin, they get us every time. So much charm in one tiny person. Everyone keeps asking if Thad looks like Noah and … [Read more...]

Travel Plans

The trip to Nepal is in the works and coming up rapidly. Lord willing we will be leaving January 30th and returning February 9th. I'm traveling with 2 committe members and my parents are also going … [Read more...]

the Crayola experience

New Year's Day we planned to spend a relaxing day at home because we didn't know how our night would go with a tiny baby and a New Year's Eve party the night before---but surprisingly, I think he is … [Read more...]

the best Christmas GIFT Thaddeus Leo. Visiting him in the hospital after school. My sisters flew in from Arkansas for the weekend to see him. Proud big brother.She is totally … [Read more...]

School Boy

Noah started kindergarten this week at Kathmandu International Study Centre. KISC is the only international Christian school here in the city, so we feel incredibly blessed to be a part of this … [Read more...]

A Day for Dad

 Life is looking so much brighter......the first trimester is well behind me, and I feel like I can focus on the task of learning to live and serve in a foreign country. The last few weeks have felt … [Read more...]

Happy News

We are one happy, excited family! … [Read more...]

Vintage Birthday Party

A confetti-firecracker/little red car birthday party for 2 sweet little people. Blake turned 2.Ellen turned 3. Lemonade and striped paper straws.The kiddos loved these sprinkle-covered ice cream … [Read more...]

Noah is 5!

Noah is 5 today. He is celebrating his birthday in Qatar, a tiny peninsula in the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia. We are flying to Nepal, and we have a 10 hour layover here at Doha International … [Read more...]

Birthday Girl

Ellen turned 3 yesterday. Words cannot express how much I adore my brown-eyed girl. We all do.One of my favorite memories from her first day was introducing her to her big brother. They've been … [Read more...]