Travel Plans

The trip to Nepal is in the works and coming up rapidly. Lord willing we will be leaving January 30th and returning February 9th. I'm traveling with 2 committe members and my parents are also going … [Read more...]

A Great Awakening

Our internship in Nepal was a tremendous time of blessing and challenges. We saw the hand of the Lord at work in so many ways and stood in awe of the overwhelming majesty of His creation. We feel so … [Read more...]

How will they Hear

Some days the Going gets tough. I am following "31 days of Going" over on this blog. As most of you probably know, this subject really interests me (it hasn't always been this way), but nowadays it's … [Read more...]

the Least of These

A favorite clip of mine on the least of these in this world...... This breaks my heart every time I watch it. I am a dad and I have a 4 year old. A little guy who makes me laugh every day-he's great. … [Read more...]

A Year of Good Gifts

We've been living in Asia one year already, so very hard to believe! It's been a fast, FULL year, one I'm so thankful for but don't care to repeat any time soon. We've traveled an awful … [Read more...]

Endurance Run

This past weekend I participated in a 6 Hour Endurance Trek with 7 other IGo students and our lovely dean at Huay Tung Tao Lake. The course was a 3.5 km paved road around the lake and I completed 9 … [Read more...]

Kathmandu, Nepal

Here are a few thoughts from my recent trip to Kathmandu, Nepal. My goal for the week was to find a house for our family to stay while we spend our two month internship in Nepal. The Lord truly had … [Read more...]

Growth in Christ I

Testimonial for Growth in Christ I taught by Martin Holsinger Institute for Global Opportunities, First Term This class has helped me develop a deeper understanding of the purpose of man and how … [Read more...]

IGo Asian Bible School

The Asian Bible School was a once in a lifetime opportunity, to sit side by side with fellow Asian believers in a Bible School class and learn the truths of God's word together. The class I took was … [Read more...]