Travel Plans

The trip to Nepal is in the works and coming up rapidly. Lord willing we will be leaving January 30th and returning February 9th. I'm traveling with 2 committe members and my parents are also going … [Read more...]

How will they Hear

Some days the Going gets tough. I am following "31 days of Going" over on this blog. As most of you probably know, this subject really interests me (it hasn't always been this way), but nowadays it's … [Read more...]

the Bridge

We crossed this swaying contraption today:I understand now why they call it a suspense-ion bridge. I looked at Matt and said "I guess this is what it means to 'walk by faith'". He grinned back at me … [Read more...]

Choosing Here: Nepal

We've been here all of 2 weeks now, and it's getting easier with each passing day. I can't really put into words how I felt descending into Kathmandu, seeing all the little cracker-box houses of all … [Read more...]

the Least of These

A favorite clip of mine on the least of these in this world...... This breaks my heart every time I watch it. I am a dad and I have a 4 year old. A little guy who makes me laugh every day-he's great. … [Read more...]

Kathmandu, Nepal

Here are a few thoughts from my recent trip to Kathmandu, Nepal. My goal for the week was to find a house for our family to stay while we spend our two month internship in Nepal. The Lord truly had … [Read more...]